Heavy lift company «PUSH-PULL PROJECT»

provides services for the handling, loading, unloading and installation of industrial equipment weighing several thousand tons.


Mounting, demounting


Rental of machinery

Rigging with the Project of works. Installation of machines with start-up. Dismantling with a guarantee

What we do best:

  • Long-term projects to receive large quantities of equipment for the modernization and launch of new plants anywhere in the world.
  • We will think over the optimal logistic schemes taking into account the available storage areas and the needs in the order of delivery for installation.
  • Starting from the first delivery and ending with the commissioning of the equipment with the possibility of further maintenance.
  • When delays in delivery of construction projects for the installation of extra help in the search of premises or open grounds as temporary storage.
  • Organize delivery from the warehouse to the installation site.
  • We conduct projects from six months to several years.
  • Geography doesn't matter.
  • Tens of thousands of tons are ready to serve from project to launch.

Special advantage:

  • High safety at all stages of work;
  • Experienced team of engineers and technicians;
  • A wide range of own rigging equipment and installation equipment;
  • The provision of load-lifting mechanisms from 1 to 1000 tons, regardless of geography;
  • Transportation of Oversized and heavy cargo by multi-axle transport;
  • Installation of engineering systems and communications;
  • Commissioning and service;
  • Supply of industrial equipment and machines;
  • Development of non-standard equipment and tooling;
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation.
гидравлическая портальная система

Lifting operations with Hydraulic Gantry Systems

Compact, mobile, safe-these are the main advantages of our portal systems in comparison with traditional crane equipment.

  • The hydraulic gantry system consists of 2 or 4 Jack stands connected by span beams of different lengths.
  • Each Jack stand is equipped with a horizontal displacement system and an individual hydraulic system.
  • Each Jack stand is equipped with a system of sensors that monitor all the technical parameters of the system.
  • The operator of the portal system monitors the movement of the racks and the height of the lift on a single control panel, from which he sets all the necessary commands.

The hydraulic gantry system is indispensable for lifting and tilting loads in confined spaces and in rooms with low ceilings.

This system is mounted on site for several hours and is easily transported in standard trucks.

Delivery of the hydraulic portal system is carried out anywhere in the world.

Installation group consisting of qualified slingers, riggers and mechanics will ensure the implementation of the entire complex of works related to the installation of industrial equipment.

Tons of benefits


We do not put forward additional conditions for customers in the provision of services. Principle all "turnkey"!


We appreciate our customers and respect their choice! Do you want to order a specific service? We will provide you just what you need!


We sell real services at real prices!

  • loading and unloading operations
  • transportation of machines
  • moving factories
  • rigging of industrial equipment
  • project cargo delivery
  • adjustment works
  • production of foundations and unique equipment


We do not sell advertising and do not mediate. We have more than 20 installers and our own equipment!


We provide a full range of installation and rigging services.

All this in one company "Pull-Push Project"!

solving global rigging problems at a high level
Relocation of industrial equipment and machines

Rigging service

Heavy lift company "PUSH-PULL PROJECT" specialises in heavy lift transport, outsize cargo movements, crane operations, rigging, machinery installation, and large-scale project forwarding, from 1 up to 1100 tons. Over the years, we perform project and break-bulk cargoes to move bulky and heavy Machinery throughout Russia and abroad.
In addition to rigging we render services for installing / removing machines and entire industrial lines.

We provide services:

  • Rigging / mounting / demounting of medical equipment;
  • Rigging / mounting / demounting of polygraphic equipment;
  • Rigging / mounting / demounting of injection molding machines;
  • Rigging / mounting / demounting of industrial equipment (machines);
  • Rigging / mounting / demounting of power transformers, turbines, reactors.

Our advantages are:


We focus the great attention on optimization of execution lifting phase, namely utilising only cutting-edge heavy lift equipment and transportation services, agreeable to the standards of industrial safety and guaranteeing the safety of the customer property.


Every lift is engineered and planned in detail to provide for every eventuality having effect on safety and efficiency throughout the entire lifting procedure.

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The presence of all necessary rigging equipment, sophisticated logistics and loyalty to our clients gives us an advantage in the market rigging services in pricing rigging. For many years our pricing policy allows us to maintain a partnership with our patrons increasing a number of them.

Rigging / moving / loading / unloading / transport / mounting / demounting / installation on a foundation or acceptances equipment is quite a feasible task for the specialists of our company. We can easily move to any one of the mass up to 1100 tons.

We can take on a lot of things!

We are made for hard work.
Thousands of tons of responsibility will raise to any height and move with a guarantee.
Whatever task you face, We are ready to take it for it. The technical support of our company is more powerful and much more reliable than what is offered on the market..

rigging | mounting | demounting

We work all over Russia and near abroad