Dismantling and transportation of flexographic machines BOSTO

Dismantling and transportation of flexographic machines BOSTO

In the period from 28.07.2016, 06.08.2016 g, employees Pull together with colleagues from Germany, the company "ROCA" carried out a complex of services in preparation for transportation from Minsk to Rostov-on-don flexographic machines BOBST 20SIX. The total mass of dismantled components to 60 tons, and the weight of the largest unit of 25 tons. The complexity of this project lay in the fact that the removal took place in the confined space of the shop, where the distance from the top of machine to ceiling does not exceed 800mm.

Activities conducted "Push-Pull"

  • Disconnection from energy sources
  • SKD dismantling
  • Manufacture of wooden containers for fragile and prone to damage during transport positions
  • Packing machine components
  • Gentle handling on a specially prepared platform and loading into trucks

Engaged company resources and Pull

  • Staff: project Supervisor, Mechanics, electricians, riggers-slingers, a total of 6 specialists
  • Forklift R/n 2pcs 4T.
  • Set rigging and mounting equipment (up to 50 tons)
  • Crane g/p 25T and 60t

Rigging, dismantling and loading of the machine BOBST flexo held in Minsk on a pre-approved plan with the Customer without any emergency situations.

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