Dismantling, rigging and mounting chillers in Kazan

Dismantling, rigging and mounting chillers in Kazan
Experts of our moving company “Push-Pull”held in Kazan lifting work consisting of several stages: 

Step 1. Dismantling on the roof of one of the malls Kazan Chiller weighing 7 tons, moving along the roof of 100 meters and descend from the roof.
Step 2. Climb to the roof of the new Chiller weighing 8 tons and delivery place, followed by installation.

Complexity of the work involved the following:

  • Installation location on the roof was at a considerable distance from the edge that do not allow truck crane work.
  • Roofing shopping center is not able to withstand point loads of several tons when moving the unit. To solve this problem we have used technology to move load on an air cushion. Using this method when moving technological equipment was able to increase the reference area and significantly reduce point loads on the roof.
  • Lack of places to mount winches not allowed to use the standard method of moving cargo on rollers. Since the use of a modular system on an air cushion between the load and the floor creates a layer of air reduces friction to almost zero, then only a few people took to move the unit.
  • The whole process of dismantling the old unit and installation of new took 3 shifts.

As it happened:

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