The movement of the press at 7 tons on air cushions

The movement of the press at 7 tons on air cushions

We completed the project within which moved the equipment (a press) weighing 7 tons on the second floor with a permissible load on the floor 1,500 kg. on 1 sq. m.

Our engineers developed the Project of Manufacture of Works with the necessary calculations in the field of strength of materials and taking into account design features of the building work on the movement of goods is made without exceeding the permissible load on the floor. To reduce the load on the floor and supporting members of a building used specially made control deck, and the relocation is undertaken on a Modular air cushions. 

Rigging to move heavy cargo on the Transportation system, consisting of airbags, on the floor with low load-bearing capacity is made on a high professional level.

Our specialists have extensive experience in moving industrial equipment in any Russian cities under the constraints of the permissible load on the floors and in cramped conditions workshops.

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