Unloading, rigging and mounting of 4 cistern

Unloading, rigging and mounting of 4 cistern

Specialists of the rigging company "Push-Pull" successfully conducted a complex rigging operations in Naberezhnye Chelny (Alabuga) unloading from trucks and mounting in the design position 4 cistern (KAZAN) production of Turkey ERALP weighing 65 tons and 35 tons. Total weight of unloaded equipment amounted to 200 tons.

Rigging work was carried out using a hydraulic gantry system GP200 carrying capacity of 200 tons. Before unloading the cistern in the plant portal system was installed on the street to turn the cargo and loading into trucks to the desired party.

Portal crane has been rewired to the plant for unloading the supply of industrial equipment with trawls.

After rigging the load by using the portal system, cistern mounted on transport roller system to move to the foundations.

Complexity of work was consisted in cramped conditions and in existing of already installed equipment. In the process, alternately move the equipment on rollers it was necessary to deploy each cistern by 90 degrees.

Height of foundations for installation of equipment amounted to 900 mm. Lifting and mounting of cistern produced by the Portal g/p 200 tons.

In total, the Hydraulic gantry system rewired 4 times.

Rigging for unloading and mounting of industrial equipment took 8 shifts.

The quality of the rigging / mounting works is confirmed by a letter from our client.

Please, if you need to perform works such as: rigging; mounting; dismantling of machinery and other industrial equipment using hydraulic gantry system in cramped conditions, contact the specialists of the Company "Push-Pull" .


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