Unloading and mounting of large aquarium with an elevator

Unloading and mounting of large aquarium with an elevator

The production of unique for Russia rigging: unloading parts acrylic R-Cast®, with the use of automotive crane equipment on the construction site "Slavyanskiy Boulevard" in Moscow.

The scope of work for the unloading and mounting parts of acrylic fiber:

  • the preparation of the project of manufacture of works;
  • the design and manufacture of special lifting mechanisms (travers);
  • the dismantling and subsequent installation of the roof of the building, which is planned pre-assembly of the aquarium;
  • gradual unloading parts acrylic R-Cast® using a crane 220 tons with trawls, according to the project work;
  • assembly details (assembly trolley and vertical supports) using a crane 220 tons and 90 tons;
  • alternately canting (revolution) parts of the acrylic fiber using two cranes of 220 tons and 100 tons, move to the plant for mounting of parts and their subsequent installation in mounting supports on the truck for holding the next installation.

Rigging for unloading and mounting of acrylic panels weighing up to 25 tons were held at night as during the day the object under construction and the combination and unloading was not possible.

When performing rigging and mounting work it is necessary to strictly comply with the requirements of the supplier of the inadmissibility of damaging the brittle acrylic panels due to uneven distribution of the lifting effort and the preservation of the outer layer of fabric from chips and scratches because of its high cost.

All operations is executed in accordance with the requirements of the customer on the time with high quality.

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