Unloading and mounting of machines DMC in plant DMG 250 tons

Unloading and mounting of machines DMC in plant DMG 250 tons

Specialists of rigging and mounting company "Push-Pull" carried out a complex rigging to unload, move to the plant, pre-assembly and mounting of machines DMC 80U; DMC 125U; DMC 270U total weight of 250 tons. The maximum weight of one piece of 48 tons.

To perform rigging operations to unload the machine parts used Hydraulic gantry system with lifting capacity of 200 tons and mounting unit. All components moved to the installation site in a certain order, agreed with the representatives of the plant. The limited space of the plant made it impossible to use for mounting large components weighing more than 25 tons of heavy crane.

The portal weighing 29 tons was set on the frame by Hydraulic system with a lifting capacity of 100 tons.

The use of advanced technology and our experience allow us to execute the project in accordance with the terms of the contract.

High professionalism of installers of our company and knowledge of the intricacies of working with modern machinery ensure the safety of the operations.

Only serious companies should trust the responsible mounting of high-precision and expensive industrial equipment which includes lathes / machining centers / universal lathes by DMG.

Our company carries out mounting of machine tools and machining centers and factories in other cities of Russia on a high professional level and individual approach to each project.

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