Rigging unloading of CT scanner

Rigging unloading of CT scanner

Performed rigging work on the unloading and delivery to the place of installation of the set of medical equipment consisting of components of system of Computer tomography. Delivery of components of the CT occurred on the construction site of the new medical center.

The weight of the entire equipment kit 10 ton. The mass of the main subject (Scanner) 2 tons.

All equipment was unloaded and moved to the installation site in strict accordance with the recommended transportation requirements of the manufacturer. When loading and unloading the medical equipment necessary to exercise special care and sensitivity, as this kind of equipment applies to high-tech and expensive. Not allowed inclinations of the equipment during transportation, different shock, shaking and vibration.

Our expert riggers in the area of move medical equipment to the newly established health care facilities have great experience in transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in a complex and unequipped areas.

The whole complex of works related to unloading any medical technology, including the development of specific decks and walkways, widening of doorways, removal / installation of walls and partitions and other General construction works in the framework of the contract for rigging works we can undertake.

Waiting for your requests on the safe rigging of medical equipment in Saint-Petersburg and other Russian cities.

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