Lifting work for the Federal tractor network

Lifting work for the Federal tractor network

Performed rigging operations of unloading, moving and installation of two machines of the company "HAAS", total weight is 12 tons, for tractor of the Federal network "Tracker group" in the city of Kirov. The range of services from "Push-Pull" includes the following activities:

Development of schemes slinging and selection of equipment for unloading, in connection with the absence of the regular g/n equipment

  • Unloading machines from road transport
  • Move the machine to place of installation in the design position at a distance of 15 meters
  • Installation in the design position of both machines, in this case: VF-3 and ST-30

To perform work at this facility was used the following equipment and lifting devices:

  • Crane g/p 25 tons
  • Various traverses and sets of slings, and equipment for the production of moving machines
  • Lifting-transport system g/p 18T.
  • And also a huge number of supporting tools and materials.

Duration: 1,5 working shifts.

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