Unloading of the transformer by rigging method

Unloading of the transformer by rigging method

Conducted rigging operations of unloading from trucks and mounting of the transformer on rollers with a mass of 68 tonnes.

The rigging of the transformer was carried out using the hydraulic system of a horizontal shift and a set of jacks with a lifting capacity of 200 tons. The distance of movement from autotrol to the place of installation of the transformer was more than 15 meters on the ground.

When moving heavy loads, such as high voltage transformers on the surface, having shrinking properties, it is necessary to exercise particular care and comply with security measures.

Our lifting specialists with considerable experience of rigging for moving high-voltage transformers to cope with the task on a high professional level.

All work is made with high quality and on time.

The company "Push-Pull"  is reliable partner in the provision of rigging services.

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